Sunday, August 3, 2008

U.S. Warships Spotted off the Coast of Penang!

While taking photos for a little thing called Project Trafford on June 4th, 2008, we saw 2 U.S. Navy warships and a cruise liner off the coast of Fort Cornwallis. It wasn't until a couple of days later till we found out their names and purpose in Penang.

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So ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you the USS Cape St. George, a state-of-the-art Ticonderoga-class guided missile cruiser:

(Click here for larger photo)

This is its escort, the USS Halsey, an Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyer:

(Click here for larger photo)

Now for something different, we spotted this ship right beside the navy vessels. This is the Sun Princess, an Australian luxury cruise liner carrying 2,600 passengers.

(Click here for larger photo)

Here we have the Sun Princess crossing the path of the USS Cape St. George.

(Click here for larger photo)

Pretty amazing vessels, aren't they? :)

Photo credits: Evangel Lim


  1. Hmm... luxury cruisers nowdays are escorted with warships!
    thats cool lol

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  3. Warships are escorted with luxury cruisers. Better than the days I was in the Marine Corps! Well, the Navy as a rep to be lazy.

    Good to have your country under the protective eye of the US.

  4. Ipohchai: They probably chased away those pesky pirates. :P

    Hostyourlink: Done for both of my blogs. Hope your site's successful. :)

    Richard: Hey, being in the Marine Corps is even cooler! I gotta respect you for that.

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