Tuesday, June 3, 2008

PAP's Lee Kuan Yew and SDP's Chee Soon Juan Face Off In Court

It looks like the unflattering side of Singaporean Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew was revealed to the world in a transcript published on Singapore Democratic Party's website on Sunday. As we know, men are not infallible and neither should Lee Kuan Yew be casted into the limelight in the likes of Joseph Stalin and Kim Jong Il. But if the Minister Mentor (what a snazzy title, Mahathir should've gotten it!) wants to be associated with maniacs and dictators, that's his choice but why drag the rest of Singapore with you?

Click here to read a portion of the court transcript.

Unfortunately Chee's efforts in court came with a high price: 12 days in jail for Chee under the charge of "contempt of court" while his sister is sentenced to 10 days in jail. There's no need to "reward" him, Singapore's judicial system has the capacity to fully self-destruct.

The only person in Malaysia who can come close to what Chee Soon Juan has done is most likely Tian Chua. Both have shown themselves to be both vocal and physical activists against their respective goverments, and both have absorbed a great deal of punishments. While Tian Chua has the support of his fellow PKR and Pakatan Rakyat MPs and assemblymen, the political situation in Singapore is not favourable to Chee and his sister right now.

To the PAP, just keep on with your authoritarian style and get ready to receive a bloody nose from your electorates in 2011. PAP's share of the popular votes is on a downward trend from 75.3%* in 2001 to just 66.6%* in the latest general election in 2006. Based on my predictions (ceteris paribus and no walkovers) and realistically speaking, PAP's share in the next general election might drop until 54% and opposition lawmakers might take at least 1 Group Representation Constituency (probably Aljunied GRC) worth 5 parliamentary seats and 10 other Single Member Constituencies (SMC). Next time would be the time that the opposition gets it right, most people would feel that way.

* Data source: Singapore-Elections.com - 2001 and 2006

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