Saturday, June 7, 2008

Increase Your Google Adsense CTR With Background Pics

Dot Com Mogul has come up with a collection of over 300 background pics designed to be used with Google Adsense and also Adbrite ads. Don't worry as these Adsense backgrounds are certified safe to use by Google. These graphics stand out in your website and they're suitable for various popular ad sizes. For only US$5, it's quite a good buy if you want a higher CTR (click through rate) in Adsense. :)

Even I'm thinking of getting them. What do you think of these backgrounds? Interested?


  1. seems kinda interesting. will consider too, tho for now looking for freebies ones first haha

  2. QuaChee: Freebies eh? That what everyone's looking for, but at least the seller also offers some custom help if you buy from him. :)

  3. heya andy

    dont get me wrong, just that i thot that as a small time blogger at this point, we should try not to invest too much unless we know the returns.

    but then again, w/o investing, cant expect returns rite lol.

    just saying becos ive been 'bitten' before, and now am more careful :)

  4. Yep, that's true and I suppose it's a wise move. Right now I'm just investing time and getting money. :P

  5. anyone have tried it before? and how is the feedback? can anyone share this? i still don't want to mess with adsense as this is only good income im getting from my blog.

  6. i have noticed about it. but, so far i never seen anyone have write good about it. i don't see anyone use it also except the owner.