Sunday, June 1, 2008

Guess Who's In Nuffnang's Project Trafford?

Just a bit over a week ago, some curious Nuffnangers might've heard of this top secret project on Nuffnang's official blog.

Hmm... The word "Trafford" sounds awfully familiar...

Could it be related to this?

Or this perhaps?

If images of footballers in red jersys and white shorts popped into your head when you saw those pics, then congratulations because that's what Project Trafford is all about!

And if you would like to know who else is on board this project, here are our other five comrade in arms involved in this top secret mission:

Nicole from Nicole Chocoa Heaven (Numero uno leader and mastermind)
Chic from Bootylicious
Simon from Simon Says
Linora from Aronil - Just Me
Kif from 3POINT8

Our goal? We will be showing you how to win a once in a lifetime chance to visit Manchester United's home stadium in where else but Manchester, England! 30 lucky winners will be touring the grounds of Old Trafford and entering the team's very own personal museum. This valuable prize is worth RM15,000 per person and there is a way to win it (with your arms and legs intact, I promise!) :)

How? Just keep your eyes on this blog as we'll reveal to you the entire mystery of Project Trafford. I can only tell you it's related to Mister Potato and its yummy goodness. We'll be making 30 enthusiastic Man U fans very happy soon enough!


  1. I hope the next trip/contest will be to Anfield. *Pray hard*

  2. LOL. I'm no Arsenal fan. ManU rocks.

  3. Noooooooo Simon, Anfield's the home of Liverpool. :)

  4. CAn I send my arms over there and leave my legs here instead??

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