Friday, May 23, 2008

Switching from Advertlets to Nuffnang

No offence to Advertlets but after two months of (almost) daily blogging and seeing such a low income through its ads, I decided to drop them in favour of Nuffnang. Seriously, even Project Wonderful's ads that cost 1 or 2 cents per day works much better than Advertlets.

I'm quite thankful that bloggers here at least have the option to switch between either one. Let's just see if Nuffnang's prospects are brighter than Advertlets. I'm certainly hoping so.


  1. oh wow. looking fwd to hear which one is better from you.

    for me, nothing beats google ads... and act, i got more money from advertlets (compared to nuff) so far - tho its still low.

  2. Different systems work for different people I guess.

    Anyways, Advertlets has e-mailed me and offered some help in optimising my ads. I'd like to try Nuffnang first but I wouldn't mind listening to what Advertlets have to say. :)

  3. your high placement of skyscraper unit is desirable in the eyes of advertisers. it's just a matter of time before your blog is selected for their advertisement campaign.

    however, i do think that if you would like to maximize your chances of being selected by our advertisers to run ads on your blog, perhaps you could add our Leaderboard and Large Rectangle ad unit as well. This is due to the fact that all our advertisers split their budget evenly in all our ad units. That being said, if you do have all 3 in your blog, you increase your chance of being selected for their campaign 2 times!

  4. Hi Robb, thanks for your advice. :)

    I've already added the large rectangle ad along with the skyscraper but both ads appear and vanish once in a while. What's up with that?