Sunday, May 18, 2008

Start an Online Store with PayPal Storefront Widgets

From TechCrunch:
Paypal has launched the Paypal Storefront Widget, a web based widget that allows anyone to embed a store widget on a web site.

The Storefront widget offers a seamless e-commerce platform for those wishing to sell anything on their site, such as t-shirts, CD’s or other items

The widget (see pic) includes:

• An index page that shows thumbnail images of all the items for sale through the widget
• A product page that shows a larger view of the items/ products for sale
• A shopping cart directly within the widget
• About and policy pages mean that any conditions are also contained with the widget

Launched around half a year ago, PayPal's Storefront Widget is relatively new compared to Amazon and eBay's own stores. Apart from me and a few local bloggers who use it to peddle our Entrecard credits, Lynne from The Sewing Mom uses the widget to sell her blankets and baskets. So it's quite a stroke of genius from PayPal to have come up with such an idea.

As for me, the widget is just another avenue for me to sell some Entrecard credits aside from eBay's auctions. Currently I'm making my icons available to anyone who wants to create a store. My only request is that you use any of these 188x168px icons, please provide me a proper credit (DeltaPanthera) and link back to this blog or blog post.

500 Entrecard credits icon
1,000 Entrecard credits icon
2,000 Entrecard credits icon
5,000 Entrecard credits icon
10,000 Entrecard credits icon (pic on right)


  1. Thanks so much for the link and the mention! I appreciate it very much.

    Do you design EC widgets, is that what you're selling? I'm sorry, I might have misunderstood. Let me know and I'll post about it on my blog.

  2. It's not a problem, I saw your PayPal widget and just thought about mentioning it. :)

    Ah well I'm not designing Entrecard widgets exactly, just offering the icons I used in my PayPal widget. Btw, the price of EC credits and its demand in the market is a bit shaky at the moment, so I'm taking off the PayPal widget temporarily.