Friday, May 9, 2008

Ready For Some Haruhi Suzumiya Mind-numbing Gender-bending?

Whether or not you like Haruhi's hyperness, or you have the hots for Mikuru, or find yourself attracted to Yuki's quietness, this whole new gender-bending project is gonna turn your entire world topsy turvy. Imagine the genders of every single character from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya switched, all the way from the main characters right down to Kyon's little sister (now Kyonko's little brother) and even the computer club members!

"Oh damn!" was my first impression towards all of these, but then I realised this actually is a pretty good idea! The fans gotta entertain themselves before the second season arrives, y'know?

From Atarashii Prelude:

Haruhi aka Haruki

Retaining all the characteristics that made the female version so popular, Haruki would be hot blooded male lead that animes these days seem to lack. Most likely to go around randomly chasing skirts and somewhat well-liked by girls at school as well for his devil may care attitude, Haruki would most likely hold a special place in his heart for Kyon-ko, who is, naturally, immune to his advances. Would be occasionally doing stupid stuff that gets him into trouble, but pull through with a GAR solution that saves the day.

More pics and content at this Animesuki forum thread.

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