Thursday, May 8, 2008

Offering Free Blog Advertising For 1 Week

After jumping onto the Entrecard bandwagon, other blog promotion services such as SiteHoppin have managed to attract the attention of Entrecarders. I'm not that keen on SiteHoppin yet but I'm currently setting up some advertising space for Project Wonderful ads.

Since it's new at the moment, I'm giving away 5 advertising spots for free! This one-week offer only lasts until May 16, and it's good promotion for your blog if you have any 125 x 125px buttons lying around. After that the rates will be 2 cents (USD) a day.

If you're interested, go ahead click here and just try it out for a week. You'll be able to beat the Entrecard advertising queue faster. First come first serve. :)

[UPDATE]: Due to popular demand, I've added another 5 advertising spots. Please re-bid again. :)

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