Friday, May 30, 2008

The Malaysian Insider: UK Withdraws Malay Terrorist Ad

From The Malaysian Insider:
KUALA LUMPUR, May 30 — The British High Commission here has agreed yesterday to withdraw an advertisement posted in the British Defence Ministry's website which portrays Malays as terrorists.

Deputy Foreign Minister Datuk Abdul Rahim Bakri said the action was taken following complaints from Malaysia.

"The ministry has also instructed the Malaysian High Commission in London to obtain further clarification on the matter from the British High Commission and to take the necessary action," he said when winding up the debate on the speech by the Yang Di-pertuan Agong in the Dewan Negara yesterday.

The advertisement, which runs for 30 seconds and is also screened in cinemas in Britain, was revealed by a reader of a local newspaper, who saw it when he was in the United Kingdom.

The advertisement shows a leader of a terrorist group, who is a Malay, firing into the air and said "Akulah orang yang paling jahat dalam dunia ini. Mari lawan aku. Aku akan bunuh semua' (I'm the most evil man in the world. Come fight me. I shall kill all of you)."

Terrorists could've easily been Arabs, Africans or even Caucasians rather than Malays, so what has prompted the British Defence Ministry to choose them to portray as terrorists? Charisma? Better acting skills?

Not really. To be honest our terrorist looks corny enough to have stepped out of a James Bond movie. Here's the clip on YouTube.

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