Saturday, May 3, 2008

Involved In A Car Accident

A picture tells a thousand words, so this obligatory diagram drawn in MS Paint should explain it all.

The 11am incident happened under the Greenlane single-lane Autopont flyover two days ago. I saw the other Proton Saga at Jalan Teh Ewe Lim while I was in front of the petrol station, but I didn't expect the driver to just turn without looking nor stopping!

I stepped on the brakes, the tyres screeched but it was too late. There was an audible sickening metallic crunch that will send shivers through your spine if your car was brand new. The other car suffered a big dent right behind the rear right wheel, whereas the left headlamp of my car was badly scratched and there were broken pieces underneath the headlamp.

We moved our cars to the side of the road, and the other driver came out and apologised. It turns out she was a primary school teacher ferrying her mother and children. I have no idea why she had turned without looking but she was definitely apologetic and as nervous as I was. If another car had rammed into my back it would've been a 3-4 car accident and police reports would've been lodged. I didn't ask for compensation seeing her car's damage was as bad as mine, and we both left the scene. Luckily it wasn't a bad accident but I was in a nervous wreck. A cup of regular coffee half an hour ago made it even worse.

My thoughts include the possibility that shrubs and flowers planted at the junction (see area shaded in green) had obscured the driver's view. Someone ought to remove those foilage to increase visibility and avoid any further accidents at that spot.


  1. ahhh lucky you've all right. so much for malaysian drivers XD

  2. That was quite a scare, the lady probably drove like an ambulance driver. xP