Sunday, May 4, 2008

Innovative Parking at Queensbay Mall

Parking in Penang's Queensbay Mall can be a free-for-all sometimes. Every single open air parking lot has been filled and cars even park on the sidewalk. What would you do when the carpark seems to be full?

The answer: Create your own parking space!

Minutes after the first guy parked his car in the middle, everyone else followed him and it was quickly filled. Possibly 7-8 extra cars could've fit into that area because of him. Kudos to the driver for thinking out of the box.

Meanwhile, is anyone else also annoyed at the freakishly insane amount of potholes at Queensbay Mall's open air lots? If they can spare tens of thousands of RM to install an automated ticketing/payment system, they should've paved the parking lots instead. No use going for cheap parking just to have your own car damaged by potholes.

1 comment:

  1. I have created my own parking space before now... I parked in the middle of the car park and before i'd even walked out 3-4 cars joined me instantly!
    SHEEP! the lot of em