Monday, May 19, 2008

How To Get The Most From Your PPS Pings

Here are some tips to pull in the Project Petaling Street crowds whenever you ping to it:

1. Ping once in the day (for the evening readers) and once after 12 a.m. (for the next day morning readers). First thing some people do at 7 a.m. is to check PPS for updates, so be sure that your ping catches their attention.

2. Although PPS has an anti-spamming feature to block out repeated pings, you can easily get around the block by adding/removing the "www" part of your URL ping.

3. Come up with an interesting and eye-catching (but not overused) blog post title and an equally attractive extract. Never ever mislead readers with a different title or a non-existant extract or else you'll lose their readership.

4. If you noticed that a ping leads to a broken webpage, it is common courtesy to inform the person that they've pinged a bad URL. I do this whenever I notice it, and you'll leave a good impression on others if you're helpful.

Hope these tips manage to improve your traffic as well as readership. Do share if you know other useful tips. :)


  1. i do pps as well. im surprised this simple site is still very much alive - in the blogging community esp.

  2. hehey....the last one is pretty cool.
    I usually ignore the broken links. Maybe I should start doing the same as you too.

  3. QuaChee: PPS been's alive for years and years under different disguises. Old websites really die hard. :P

    3POINT8: Thanks. Any little help is useful to everyone. :)