Friday, May 9, 2008

EXCLUSIVE: May 8-9 Bandar Makhota Cheras Standoff Photos!

The tense standoff between residents of Bandar Makhota Cheras and Grand Saga culminated last night when the Federal Reserve Unit fired tear gas and water cannons at over 500 residents angry over Grand Saga's road barricade.

Residents had demolished two earlier barricades erected by the company. Because of the first barricade, the road was closed for two years so that residents of Bandar Makhota Cheras were forced to take a 6-kilometre tolled detour and pay RM0.90 just to reach their destination. The initial barricade was demolished (see YouTube video below) after Pakatan Rakyat wrestled the state of Selangor away from the federal Barisan Nasional government.

Dozens of photographs of this event are available here through Shutter Asia. The website requires a free registration in order to view the pics. Photo credits go to Shutter Asia forum member kclau.

From Malaysiakini via Lowyat:
It appears that no end is in sight in the stand-off between the determined Bandar Mahkota Cheras (BMC) residents and an equally determined toll operator Grand Saga Sdn Bhd.Police fired tear gas at about 11pm today to disperse 500 residents who had tried to dismantle a new concrete barrier erected by Grand Saga across a toll-free road near the township.The crowd was attempting to demolish by hand the partly-completed barricades of made-shift steel cables.

About 50 riot police fired at least three rounds of tear gas - each time unleashing about 10 canisters - after water cannons failed to disperse the residents. During the stand-off, BMC committee chairperson Tan Boon Hwa was arrested by the police. Two others were also arrested earlier this evening. According to eyewitnesses, Tan and Segambut member of parliament Lim Lip Eng - who had joined the protestors - were both roughed up by the police during the fracas.

The crowd eventually dispersed by 11.30pm and Grand Saga workers returned under heavy police presence to resume their task to completing the barricades. The tear gas and water cannon marked the end of yet another ugly day in the face-off between the residents and Grand Saga.

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