Thursday, May 15, 2008

Anime Watchlist - May 2008

Originally a monthly affair, but I guessed I skipped April's anime watchlist due to some overzealous blogging on other topics. This watchlist is probably going to be useful for anyone involved in our little own ATR (Anime Trading Route), a small clique designed for anime fans. If you watch animes, you'll go insane if you don't keep some kind of record of what you own/watch.

Finished watching...
Ah! My Goddess (only missing one OVA)
DearS *
Death Note *
Hayate the Combat Butler #
Trinity Blood
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Green Green *
Ichigo 100% (until episode 12 and some OVAs)
Kannaduki No Miko (until episide 2)
Nanoha Strikers (until episode 1)
Rozen Maiden (until episode 1)
Soul Link * (until episode 1)

Currently watching...
Bleach (until episode 169)
Chi's Sweet Home (until episode 27)
Jigoku Shoujou * (no idea which episode, watching this on the telly)
Kekkaishi (no idea as well)
Pumpkin Scissors (until episode 11)
Shounen Onmyouji (until episode 24)

* New animes included in this list recently.
# Recently updated status for old animes.


  1. Eh? Yoroshiku's fansub Chi's Sweet Home latest is 24ep. How come u already watch till 27ep? Watching raw izzit?

    I normally don't watch anime and more prefer manga as i'm "bored" by the slow pace. Yup i definitely missed out a lot but i just can't bear to spend hours watching anime. The only anime i'm following now is Chi's Swee Home because it is only 2 minutes per episode and also TRC (Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle). Ha ha..

  2. Yep, watching raws through YouTube. The beauty about Chi's Sweet Home is that you don't need to know Japanese to understand the story. :P

    I'm planning to watch Tsubasa as well (right after my friend finishes it). Anything in my "finished" and "currently watching" list is recommended. I got an attention span as short as a kitten as well.

  3. Maybe u try to watch Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. One word to describe this anime : EPIC!