Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Aladygma - Thomas Dahlem's Journal Is Revealed [Alternate Reality Game]

Just a week after Thomas Dahlem's missing journal (he calls it his "datebook") was found, its contents was finally revealed to the world. Apparently the code to breaking the latest whitespace was "4044186900712", the barcode number found inside his journal. The full-sized photographs have also been extracted to this website, and Aladygma Clues provide a good summary of its erratic contents.

However these information only gives subtle hints to the direction of Aladygma since there's nothing conclusive nor concrete yet. So far it's only confirmed that Thomas Dahlem and his blog are related to the Aladygma ARG (alternate reality game) and there may be a lot more to the story. Luckily Aladygma Clues has also provided a list of in-game websites as well as mentioning several "gamejacks", fake or unrelated websites which only confuses the ARG players and waste their time.

Personally after observing this ARG for several months, initially the speculation for this ARG include anywhere from a Cloverfield sequel to an untitled J.J Abrams supernatural movie to Quarantine, a remake of the 2007 Spanish horror movie titled [REC]. Now that it's clear that the last two possibilities were "gamejacks" and have been struck out, it still has a vague connection to Cloverfield and interestingly references to the Alien movie franchise.

Aladygma is totally different from Cloverfield's ARG though, the latter is primarily passive and its mystery is fairly easy to speculate or solve. As for Aladygma's case everything it does only adds another layer to its shroud of mystery. However these two are not mutually exclusive, there is a possiblity that is also J.J. Abrams' work and both ARGs might intersect at a point in the future. This is only my speculation though, only time will tell.

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