Thursday, May 1, 2008

Aladygma Mystery Walkthrough [Alternate Reality Game]

First of all, don't ask me what Aladygma is. The lips of those responsible for are shut as tight as a submarine hatch and so far no official news have been leaked by its creators.

Here's what we have on the main site so far:
start date
00 | 11 | 22 | 88
© a l a d y g m a

...with a small note at the bottom:
coming soon next day!
follow the whitespaces

Highlighting the white space leads you to nine hidden links:

Exhibit A - /
student thomas | room 211
211 | 2008
© a l a d y g m a

Exhibit B - /
A medical drawing of a skull with a very long spine.

Exhibit C - 0 0 3 7 8
A picture of a girl peeking out from a room lablelled 211. Room 211 also happens to be one of the places where the Virginia Tech massacre occurred.

Exhibit D - y/
A map of New York's subway lines with a bloody footprint on it, and a newspaper clipping dated September 12, 2001.

Exhibit E -
A flash page with diagrams from the Pioneer plaque, clicking on the figures will reveal a biohazard sign and the figures change into an alien.

Exhibit F -
A photograph of a burned down hospital with a pixellated person or creature. Clues in the pic include a hospital ID with the name "Thomas Dahlem", a sign with the word "kokelafotis" and the body of an alien (possibly from the fake Roswell autopsy clip).

Exhibit G -
A photograph of another planet, the four inset photographs seem to indicate that there might be life on the planet. Codes are also embedded into the photograph.

Exhibit H -
Another medical drawing, this time the source of the drawing is from the Indianapolis Surgical Institute. One major incident occured in institute was a fire which killed 19 people in 1892.

Exhibit I -
A box which prompts you to login with a code and a verification method that doesn't exceed the number 26. The background design is awfully similar to those of barcodes. Is it possible to find numbers from it? Yes.

Out of the many exhibits, B and H are medical related, E and G hints at extraterrestrial clues whereas D and F are just puzzling.

Post your own theories, there are more to come...


  1. There is a new video on youtube. You can see the secret code!

  2. Can you kindly post the YouTube link here, Tina?

  3. For Exhibit F, the word is "kokalafotis" which means "bones of light" in Greek, I've been following up on Aladygma for almost over a year, e-mail me with any questions, I have about 20 pages of notes stored up!