Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Ugly Malaysians 2: How Not To Behave In a Cinema

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I've told my friend Ed before, maybe it's a personal jinx between me and the GSC cinema in Queensbay Mall. I either didn't enjoy the movie (I Am Legend), missed part of the beginning (Die Hard 4.0), or didn't find the movie to be entertaining enough (CJ7, Death Note 3). I thought I was in luck to see Eva Longoria Parker (Desperate Housewives) act in Over Her Dead Body, a movie which scored just 13% in Rotten Tomatoes. My expectations were low enough not to be dipped any further, so I should enjoy the movie right?


When the movie was about to start, we heard a guy with a crystal clear voice a row behind us. That was an ominous sign.

Moments later the guy started to laugh at every single line of mildly humuorous dialogue between the main characters. This went on and on, every single sentence was so damn funny to him. And then when the rest of the audience actually laughed, the guy split his sides and laughed as hard as a shrilling hyena from Animal Planet.

After a few stares and 10 minutes into the movie I turned my head around and shouted, "can you please control your laughter?! Please be considerate and control yourself! Thank you." Surprisingly it worked (from my viewpoint) although my friends were already annoyed to hell by this Neanderthal. At the end, I raised a hand and said "sorry about that" and all I got was an amused stare from them. One of my friends later said that moments after scolding the guy, he butted in and asked "chio pun beh sai?" meaning "why can't I laugh?" in Hokkien. I might've missed hearing that part, but that would almost be impossible considering his vocal cords. And if I knew he had said that, I wouldn't have apologised for scolding.

I can take it if people chatter a bit, I'm fine if they answer urgent calls, I'm okay with people having bad coughs. I understand them. But what crosses the line is when you have a bloody baboon cinema virgin who absolutely has no common sense and civility. For hell's sakes, these kind of people should be banned from every GSC outlet in Malaysia!

In a worst case scenario, we would've asked for the GSC ushers to kick that guy out or else we would've left the cinema on our own and ask for a refund. The movie was enjoyable to watch but too bad we had a damn retard sitting behind us.

This incident happened on the same day as the previous post. So you can see the number of ugly Malaysians on one single day.

Thankfully all tension was erased after a trip to Queenbay Mall's Sushi King...

Oishii! (Delicious!)

Photo credit: Evangel Lim


  1. Absolutely hate those that chat with friends or answering phone for more than 1 minutes. Most hate are those that stick their head damn high until blocking the screen.

  2. try this, i went for a japanese movie in KL midvalley during the japanese film festival, somehow an old man who i think is brainwashed by the japanese to be pro jap during those days. this old man is really old, should have lived thru the japanese times.

    He was in the cinema shouting at the top of his voice Japan good, Malaysia lousy, No USE malaysia, Japan very good.

    Imagine i was sitting at the second last row, and he was seated at the first row of the cinema. I think someone went to complain and the staff came in and seated next to him to hush him up.

  3. Critical reception

    The film received generally negative reviews from critics. As of February 1, 2008, the review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes reported that 14% of critics gave the film positive reviews, based on 73 reviews.[1] Metacritic reported the film had an average score of 31 out of 100, based on 27 reviews.[2]

    The film received an overall "C" grade from critics on Yahoo! Movies. Matt Pais of the Chicago Tribune called it "The kind of movie that wouldn't even hold your attention mid-flight." A.O. Scott of the New York Times said "...could be much worse. But it also could have been, with a little more effort, a lot better."

    James Berardinelli of ReelViews called it "as mediocre a motion picture as you're likely to find in a multiplex this season." Sean Axmaker of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer said "'s as flat as day-old soda, a comedy completely lacking in bubbles or fizz."

    From wiki

    man that day it sucked, that bastard must have his hormones imballanced or maybe he just went for some transexual operation and he failed to get rid of his male hormones or perhaps he just came back from an operating to remove a 10 inch bottle from his ass since someone did it to him due to his "beat me" face feature.

    anyway that day that bastard had no sense of humour lol...i wonder if his friends felt disgrace lol. who knows anyway. next time we see him im gonna yell flowery shakes spear words at him or feed him some punches lol or make saw 5 with him as the new victim i mean character. ;)