Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Singapore's J.B. Jeyaretnam To Register New Political Party On Friday


There will be a press conference on Friday, 18 Apr 2008 at 2.00pm at the Quality Hotel at Balestier Road to announce the submission to the Registrar of Societies the application to register The Reform Party. The Pro-tem Secretary General [J.B. Jeyaretnam] will outline the objects and goals of The Party.

I'm not sure if Singapore needs another opposition party at the moment. Currently there are three main players in the opposition side, Worker's Party, Singapore Democratic Party, and Singapore Democratic Alliance (an alliance of four smaller parties).

Will they get their application turned down just like Parti Sosialis Malaysia? Will they survive the oppression of Singapore's ruling People Action Party? Will they work together with the other parties for a more cohesive opposition? That's the million (SG) dollar question for now. Still, all the best to them.


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