Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Reporting While Omitting, MSM Still Writes Without Balls

They didn't dare to give a true estimate of participants at last year's Bersih (est. 40,000) and Hindraf (est. 20,000) protests, they didn't dare to say how many people attended DAP's gathering in Han Chiang College in Penang two days before polling day (est. 30,000), now they didn't even dare to report the true amount of people at Anwar's "Black 14" gathering last night either.

While Malaysiakini puts the size of the crowd last night as 20,000, The Malaysian Insider initially said 30,000 but later revised it to 10,000, the police differed and said 7,000 but what about The Star? They played down the event and merely said "thousands" without even the vaguest of estimates. No estimates is fine, but no pictures as well? If NST can accept reality, why not The Star?

If the people working in the mainstream media (MSM) are patting their backs thinking that they've undergone a journalistic renaissance, think again. The MSM are still trapped in their own time-warp, hindered either by personal allegiance or by people pulling the strings in the background. Now's the time for established news websites like Malaysiakini to make preparations in publishing a daily newspaper. By sticking to their ethics, the Rakyat (people) will give journalists like them the credibility that they deserve.

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  1. The government is just takut of people being better than them. well they are. and the media is takut of the government that takut the better. For the greater good please , malaysian government and media GROW UP !!!

    The newspaper SHOULD/MUST contains news , not FICTION. So tell us the TRUTH already.