Wednesday, April 23, 2008

New Blog Template!

Remember when back in 2005, Blogger was just rolling out Blogger Hacks and everybody was busy experimenting it on their blogs? Making your blog work correctly back then was a hassle just as much as it's a hassle now.

Setting up this template was quite a pain in the ass, since the coder embedded things like his own Adsense ads and referrals into the XML file. It took me a few minutes to replace those. And then I had to consider things like Adsense/Advertlets ad placements and accessibility for Entrecard droppers.

But then I'm still glad for this template update. The old one (initially coded in 2004) looks like it's optimised for 800x600 monitors whereas this one feels like it spreads from sea to sea. I was aiming to get a dark template to fit in with the "dark den of destruction" theme, but I'll make do with this blueish one. :)


  1. Yeah! Setting up template is really hard. Since I don't have the slightest idea about programming so it would be daunting to build everything from scratch all by myself! =/

  2. I never liked customizing Blogger templates ever since they changed it's whole structure.

    It's now harder to understand how to include its elements easily.

  3. Looks nice. Better than the older one .