Wednesday, April 2, 2008 - Malaysia's Newest Internet Marketplace!

Organising an internet marketplace is never an easy task, but with the entry of, it looks like it's going to give other established local auction sites a good run for their money.

Mudah's front page boasts an interactive map of Malaysia, giving you the ease to browse offers listed by each state as well as our federal capital:

It's pretty clear enough, one of Mudah's biggest advantages compared to its competitors is its pure simplicity in design. Unlike one particular local auction website, Mudah currently has no flashy and distracting ads on their website. In fact, their only ads are the ones that the customers precisely want to see.

For example, take a look at this Creative mp3 player which is currently listed. At RM260, I think it's quite a bargain. Mudah encourages prospective buyers to get directly in contact with sellers personally, eliminating any hassles associated with having a middleman. As far as goes, it's one big gigantic noticeboard for anything and everything in Malaysia. :)

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