Saturday, April 5, 2008

Movie Review - L: Change The World

I have been reading Death Note even before the anime came out, and words just can't say how perfect the first half of the entire manga was. As for the second half? Well, I'll get back to you later about that. :P

Now as for L: Change The World, it's no surprise that I and a few strong Death Note fans made our way to the cinemas like it was a pilgrimage. 6 tickets, 4:50pm in GSC Queensbay Mall, and 2 hours.

The movie starts off with a virus outbreak in a remote villiage in the middle of Thailand, and a small boy who's immune to the virus manages to find his way to L. As for L, he now has his own name on the Death Note and he has to stop the virus from spreading and wrap everything up in neat little knots before meeting his maker within 23 days.

Now here comes the critique:

1. If I had the ability to edit movies with the wave of a hand, I would've edited the first hour into 10 minutes and start off the story with Maki. For god's sakes, I know how important he is but the little guy doesn't even have a proper dialogue! Aside from L, Maki should've been the secondary focus of the movie instead of the boy since she has had more character development.

2. Some of the character's choices were really questionable. Come on, those who would willingly receive a nice syringe full of deadly liquid virus, please raise your hand?

3. Now to the saddest part, L's abilities were really underutilised. It would've been nice to see the legendary L in cracking his brains and solving this case like how a detective would. But then if his last wish was to leap onto an aeroplane, I would've respected that wish.

So, actually it turns out to be quite an enjoyable film at the end, but by then my suspension of belief was strung up so high it's now somewhere in the stratosphere. I'm not sure if I'm misunderstanding some aspects of Japanese culture or was it just really bad subtitling, but I'm getting the impression there's something really wrong with the movie. Despite its flaws, it has some enjoyable scenes as well. I'm giving it 3 stars out of 5.

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