Tuesday, April 22, 2008

How To Check Media ID In Blank DVDs

Step #1 - Insert a blank DVD and open Nero StartSmart.

Step #2 - Select Nero InfoTool and wait for information to be collected.

Step #3 - Select disc tab and cross reference ID with information from this digitalFAQ website.

Apparently CMCMAGM01 means that my HP DVD+Rs are manufactured by Taiwan's CMC Magnetics. Second class media discs, I don't really mind that but I'll know what to look out for.

Thanks to Willchua for bringing up this topic in yesterday's blog post!


  1. Thanks buddy. If u wanna use 1st class DVD media, i recommend Verbatim/Mitsubishi. Easily available at RM50 per 50pcs spindle.

  2. Thanks for the recommendations. You're the second Verbatim user. Btw, I linked to your blog since you're a regular visitor. :P

  3. Thanks for linking me. I dun understand what u mean by second verbatim user.

  4. Sorry, I meant you're the second Verbatim user I know. First one is my friend.