Saturday, April 12, 2008

Hayate The Combat Butler Renewed For A 2nd Season (But I'm Not Exactly Happy)

Got an SMS from my friend earlier today saying that Hayate the Combat Butler (Hayate no Gotoku!) was officially renewed right before airing the last episode of its first season. Anime News Network has confirmed but I'm not exactly happy about it.

To anime fans, sometimes the second season is practically the Holy Grail to them. But in Bleach's instance, its first season is now in its 166th episode and it doesn't look like it's ending soon. Is it gonna be epic? Yes.

Now then occasionally some animes like Hayate gets lucky and they get renewed for another year-long 52-episode season. Make no mistake about it, I'm happy that they got a second season but come on, other lesser known animes deserve that extension contract! Loveless? They only made 12 episodes. Pumpkin Scissors? 24 episodes. Shuffle? 24 episodes. Trinity Blood? 24 episodes. Shounen Onmyouji? 26 episodes. And then you have franchises like Gundam and Naruto (both which I didn't watch) stretching episodes into infinity as well as getting renewal contracts just to milk their fanbase dry.

Just please, if anyone's listening out there, Hayate the Combat Butler is a nice anime but stop with the random episodes! Please start a proper story arc, no matter how loose or crazy it might be. Let us see some serious relationship or romance episodes, and make Hayate choose between Sanzenin Nagi, Katsura Hinagiku or Nishizawa Ayumu. The really hilarious episodes lasted until episode 20 or so, and then it wasn't that funny anymore. The only redeeming quality of the anime was watching Hinagiku or Ayumu-centred episodes and watching that Ichimaru Gin-lookalike butler bashing up his weakling master. Hinagiku (right) FTW!

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