Friday, April 11, 2008

Dattebayo Trolls Bleach Fans... Again

First on April Fool's Day, Dattebayo released a torrent labled "Bleach Movie Diamond Dust Reballion". Of course the egg's on the fans when they found out that the only bally thing in the torrent is actually a baseball match. After the laughs were finished, the subbers only had this to say.

Secondly I almost fell into their prank yesterday when Dattebayo announced that they were making a complete switch from .avi to a .mkv format that supported HDTV. High Definition picture quality? I believed that, but 7.1 channel surround sound? Hokay, now that's something fishy. From what I heard those who downloaded the .mkv files got treated to a nice epilepsy-inducing video.

So... Gambatte Dattebayo! We support your quest to umm... defeat the evil fans by wasting their time and bandwidth?

I'm pretty darn sure everyone wants these trolling to be stopped, but there's little that we can do when fans demand fast and quality subbing and that actually gets delivered. So in short, they end up doing a good job even though they're on the immature side. So be careful when wading through DB's minefield. Google for other anime forums if you feel suspicious. You don't wanna be pranked.

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