Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Author John Birmingham Releases First Chapter of New Novel Online

Australia's leading alternate history novelist and author of the Axis of Time trilogy, John Birmingham has released the first chapter of his upcoming novel on his blog. It's been three months but Birmingham isn't planning to reveal the title of the new book yet and he also isn't telling us if it's related to the trilogy in any way.

Set in 2003 just days before the Iraq invasion, the premise of the new novel involves the emergence of a "phenomenon" that engulfs almost the entire continental United States and a good chunk of Canada. The thing is, every single person within the "phenomenon" has vanished into thin air and the United States military in Guantanamo Bay are desperately trying to find answers for it. This new novel will hit Australian bookstores sometime in August or September this year, so keep a good eye out on your own bookstores as well.

The Axis of Time trilogy (Weapons of Choice, 2004; Designated Targets, 2006; Final Impact, 2007) is also available in all Malaysian bookstores. If you're a WWII enthusiast or interested in alternate history, do try to check out this trilogy.

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