Thursday, March 27, 2008


I know starting off this blog with such a negative post doesn't seem like good headstart, but I just can't freaking stand it anymore!!!



I got a 512MB stick of RAM on my desktop, unused even after 4 months.

I got a dual-layer DVD writer together with an installation CD sitting on top of my PC instead of being INSIDE my PC.

I need to get a new 80GB hard disk (that's gonna cost me RM180).

I need to pay my phone and internet bills (that's gonna cost me RM240).

I want to set up dual-booting on my computer and try Ubuntu.

I need to get a new keyboard because Ubuntu's idea of alt-codes needs the shift key (which is conveniently broken for 1-2 years already).

And now every single day that passes by, I just feel damn restless knowing that those things are still left undone day after day, and I'm just relegated to spending my time at home trying to be distracted by episodes of animes and TV series.

Not that I'm complaining about sitting at home watching shows all day but, if there's a god out there, just please let me have more productive days ahead.

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